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Investment Management

Kenanga provides conventional and Shariah-compliant investment solutions ranging from collective investment schemes, private retirement scheme, portfolio management services and alternative investments for retail, corporate and institutional clients.

What we offer

Kenanga Unit Trust Funds

Choice of conventional and Shariah-compliant funds from fixed income, bonds, balanced and equity asset classes to meet our clients’ risk-return expectations and evolving investment needs

Kenanga Cash Management Solutions

A customisable cash management solution that offers safety of capital, yield enhancement, regular income stream, convenience, liquidity and tax advantage to corporate investors.

Kenanga Wholesale Funds

Designed for Qualified Investors including corporate clients who have unique investment objectives and require higher potential returns from their cash reserves. A flexible investment structure that offers liquidity and tax advantage.

Non-Discretionary Mandates

Investment Managers are assigned to manage our clients’ financial portfolio based on individual objectives and prevailing market situations with clients having complete control over investment decisions.

Discretionary Mandates

Experienced investment professionals are assigned to manage our clients’ investment portfolio based on a pre-defined mandate.

Institutional Advisory Services

Active investment management using consultative approach to defining institutional investors’ investment goals, objectives, and investment policy statements.

Actively Managed Portfolio Service

Ongoing investment management to achieve long-term potential consistent returns. A dedicated Portfolio Manager actively rebalances the portfolio to optimise its performance.

Portfolio Management Service

A solution for the investment needs of select clientele, through focused portfolios with targeted absolute returns and investment alternatives.

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Retirement Solutions

We aim to help our clients manage inflation and the rising costs of healthcare and living expenses. Every stage of their lives is mapped out to help ensure their money outlasts their lifetime.

What we offer

Kenanga Retirement Investment Solutions include:

  • Standard or customisable investment portfolios using wholesale and unit trust funds including those that are approved under EPF Member’s Investment Scheme.
  • Kenanga OnePRS Scheme and Kenanga Shariah OnePRS Scheme; voluntary private retirement schemes that give you tax advantage.
  • Use your disposable cash to make up for funding required for income replacement ratio at retirement.
  • Kenanga AMP Plus – active portfolio management service that aims to give you consistent potential returns.
  • Kenanga Investment Trust – a value-added option offered to Kenanga Investors Berhad (KIB)’s customers who wish to make proper arrangement for the protection, preservation and provision of their investments with KIB.
  • When your retirement finally comes, it is time to enjoy the monies that you have accumulated! Also known as Decumulation phase, use our Regular Withdrawal Plan to get regular payments credited into your bank account. All you need to do is complete a form advising us the frequency and amount of payment! It is just that easy!

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Wealth Management

This includes access to a comprehensive range of investment products as well as tailored financial advisory services.

What we offer

We offer wealth solutions through the following:

  • Unit trusts
  • Private Retirement Schemes (“PRS”)
  • Shares
  • Dual Currency Investments
  • Bonds
  • Private Mandates
  • Money Markets
  • Negotiable Instrument of Deposits
  • Equity Linked Notes
  • Double No Touch
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Structured Products
  • Margin Financing
  • Life Insurance
  • General Insurance

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