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Equity Broking

Kenanga is one of the top three stockbrokers in terms of industry market share with a network of more than 30 branches and has the largest pool of remisiers in Malaysia. Our suite of services includes personalised dealer assisted channels to online self directed methods.

What we offer

Our client services are backed by in-house independent research covering the economy, industrial sectors and specific companies and these reports are published regularly. Our online trading portals provide direct electronic access to research reports, real-time stock quotes and third party financial news. Kenanga’s Direct Market Access platform provides foreign institutions the ability to trade in Malaysian equities conveniently and efficiently.

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Global Equity Trading

With the aim of diversifying our client’s investment portfolio, we offer access to 15 foreign markets including those in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States through Kenanga’s global trading platform.

What we offer

We provide access to more than 15 equity trading markets worldwide.

  • AMEX (American Stock Exchange)
  • ASX (Australian Stock Exchange)
  • FWB (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)
  • IDX (Indonesia Stock Exchange)
  • KLSE (Bursa Malaysia)
  • KRX (Korea Stock Exchange)
  • LSE (London Stock Exchange)
  • NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation)
  • NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)
  • PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange)
  • SEHK (Stock Exchange of Hong Kong)
  • SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand)
  • SGX (Singapore Exchange)
  • SH-HK Connect (China A Shares-Shanghai)
  • SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange)
  • SZ-HK Connect (China A Shares-Shenzen)
  • SZSE (Shenzhen Stock Exchange)
  • TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange)
  • TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)
  • TWSE (Taiwan Stock Exchange)

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Structured Warrants

Kenanga offers products that are risk-controlled access to equity, as well as provides leverage and diversification to clients’ portfolio.

What we offer

Structured Warrants are by and large an efficient way to take advantage of a given market scenario. The Equity Derivatives team offers Structured Warrants to traders and investors who seek opportunities to participate in the performance of the equity market. Warrants may be traded via a remisier or online. provides cutting-edge information and value-added support for warrant traders. The site is complemented by a team of investment professionals equipped with extensive experience and expertise to provide clients with what they need, to make the most out of their warrants portfolio.

Tools available on include:

  • Live Matrix
  • Warrant Scanner
  • Warrants Charting
  • Cash Settlement Calculator
  • Market-Media Hotline

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For more information visit our website or message us on telegram @KenangaWarrants or call 03-21722615 or email us at

Equity Structured Solutions

Equity Derivatives tailors structured solutions for high net worth individuals, corporates & institutional counterparties.

What we offer

  • Counterparties market access
  • Protection against adverse market conditions
  • Monetisation of shareholding
  • Lowering cost of capital
  • Diversification

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For more information visit our website or message us on telegram @KenangaWarrants or call 03-21722615 or email us at

Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL)

SBL is a transaction where securities are transferred on a temporary basis from a lender to a borrower. The borrower is obliged to return the securities to the lender either on demand or at an agreed date. The borrower provides collateral with an agreed margin and pays a fee for the transaction, whilst lender receives a fee for the transaction.

SBL has been acknowledged by many markets as one of the important market component to improve market liquidity, price discovery, facilitating hedging and risk management activities.

SBL is conducted through negotiated transactions in the over-the-counter market.

SBL is regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia and Bursa Malaysia.

What We Offer

With the aim of creating new value for our clients, Kenanga is offering our clients an opportunity to participate in our SBL service that help address client investment needs.

Kenanga SBL Service provides two services:

(a) Retail Securities Lending Service – A great way to earn extra income on securities you already own

(b) Retail Securities Borrowing Service – An effective tool to enhance your trading strategies

Retail Securities Lending Service

Don’t let your securities sit idle in your CDS account. Let your securities work harder for you!

  • Retail Securities Lending Service offers opportunity for an investor (lender) to lend out securities to Kenanga (borrower), in a prudent way to:
    • to earn extra income, without hassle and at minimum cost.
    • to enhance yield on portfolio of securities.
  • The loan is typically arranged on an open basis. Lender can recall or Kenanga can return loaned securities at any time.
  • The lender receives a fee from Kenanga for the loaned securities.
  • More than 200 securities are eligible for lending.
  • The terms and conditions of the securities lending transactions are governed by a SBL Agreement executed between lender and Kenanga.
    Other terms & conditions shall apply

Earn Extra Income
Fees calculated daily and paid monthly

Enhance Yield On Your Portfolio
The higher borrowing demand for your shares, the higher your potential earnings

Retain Corporate Actions Entitlements
Economic benefits are retained with you, except voting rights

Minimum Disruption To Your Trading Activities
No minimum lock-in lending period

Minimal Risks
This service is managed through a conservative risk approach & a dedicated team

Minimal Cost
Minimal transfer fee & processing fee waived until further notice

Hassle Free
A simple sign-up process


Who is eligible?

This service is offered to ALL investors (individual or corporate) who maintain securities in their CDS accounts whether maintained with Kenanga and/or outside of Kenanga.

Is there a minimum quantity for Retail Securities Lending?

You are eligible to lend any securities with a minimum of RM100,000 in value that is free from liens, charges and encumbrances. However, due to the nature of certain loans, Kenanga may borrow the securities based on quantity available.

What are the securities eligible for lending?

Bursa Malaysia prescribes a list of eligible securities (based on the criteria of minimum market capitalisation, free float and trading volume) for borrowing and lending.

This list is published at here

However, Kenanga may be selective or impose additional conditions. Please contact your Dealer’s Representative, our branch or SBL Desk for the latest list of eligible securities.

How to Participate

How can I participate in Retail Securities Lending?

You must open a SBL account with Kenanga.

Follow a simple 2-step procedures to sign up SBL account:

Step 1: Complete and sign Account Application Forms and a one-off SBL Agreement
Step 2: Submit to your Dealer’s Representative or our branch to open SBL account

Please contact your Dealer’s Representative or our branch for a set of account opening pack.

How Securities Lending works

How is the Retail Securities Lending process flow like?

Will I be entitled to corporate actions such as dividends, bonus securities, rights issue etc of securities that I lent out?

Although securities lending involves a transfer of securities title out from lender’s CDS account into borrower’s CDS account, economic benefits remain with you, as a lender. This means that Kenanga will be required to remit the entitlements arising from corporate action in respect of the loaned securities during the loan period to you in accordance with the SBL Agreement.

However, you will not be entitled to any voting right when the securities are lent out. If a lender wishes to exercise voting right, the lender should recall the loaned securities within the stipulated timeline.

How long must I lend out the securities?

The loan is usually arranged on an open basis.

This means that, Kenanga, as the borrower can return the loaned securities at any time or you, as the lender can recall the loaned securities at any time in accordance with the SBL Agreement.

The loan term vary from trade to trade. Some may lend out for many months, while others may be for very short term. Typically, as long as there is a demand for the security, the security will remain on loan.

How do I find out my securities is in demand?

Demand of each security varies from time to time. To find out:

a) You may contact your Dealer’s Representative, our branch or SBL Desk; or
b) Your Dealer’s Representative or Kenanga’s authorised personnel may reach out to you

How do I transfer my securities that I agreed to lend out to Kenanga?

You are required to complete and sign CDS transfer form and submit to Kenanga or the broking company that you maintain your CDS account (if outside of Kenanga) for the securities to be transferred for lending within the settlement date stipulated in the Trade Confirmation.

Can I recall my loaned securities?

Yes. You may recall the loaned securities in full or partial at any time in accordance with the SBL Agreement.

However, you must provide notification to Kenanga before 12noon in order to receive returned securities within Bursa Malaysia’s prescribed settlement cycle.

Will I be penalised if I recall my loaned securities?

No, if SBL loan is entered at open basis, the lender may recall the loaned securities at any time without penalty. However, if SBL loan is entered into on fixed term basis, recall will be subject to penalty fee determined by Kenanga from time to time.

What if I fail to deliver securities to be lent out within the agreed settlement date?

You, as the lender shall bear the buy-in cost and any other costs incurred pursuant to SBL Agreement on the loaned securities or to pay the market value of the loaned securities to Kenanga.

Do I receive any report or document to keep track of my loaned securities and lending fee?

Kenanga will provide you with the following:
a) Trade Confirmation upon each loan being entered and when the securities are recalled by the lender and/or returned by Kenanga; and
b) Monthly Fee Statement detailing the outstanding quantity of loaned securities and fee receivable.

Fees & Charges

What do I earn from this product?

Lender will receive lending fee when securities are lent out.

How is the lending fee determined?

The lending fee is negotiable. It is determined on trade by trade basis subject to demand and supply of the securities. In general, the higher the demand for your securities, the higher your potential income.

How is lending fee calculated?

Fee is calculated daily based on the closing price of the loaned securities. The fee is paid on a monthly basis.

1 rate agreed between lender and Kenanga
2 Quantity lent * the closing price of the loaned security of the preceding business day

ABC Sdn Bhd lends 1 million shares of Stock 8888 at RM2.00, at an agreed lending rate of 3%.
Lending fee per day = [3% * (1,000,000*RM2)] / 365 = RM164.38

Please note that share price of loaned securities may rise or fall depending on market conditions, which will affect potential earnings.

Are there any other fees and charges to participate in securities lending?

You are only required to pay:
a) One-off RM10 account opening processing fee; and
b) RM10 CDS fee for transfer of each securities to be loaned out

Note: Fees and charges are subject to changes. Please refer to your Dealer’s Representative or our branch for more information and updates.

Important Considerations

What are the other important considerations I should be aware of?

1. Counterparty risk
Counterparty risk is one of the possible risk to a lender. However, this risk is mitigated as:
a) lender’s counterparty is Kenanga, which is a strong and reputable investment bank; and
b) this service is managed through a conservative approach and a dedicated team.

2. Market risk
Lender may be exposed to the fluctuation of the price of loaned securities.

Is SBL transaction subject to income tax?

Lending fee and manufactured payments/dividends payable may subject to different tax treatment. Please consult your qualified tax advisor, if applicable.

Retail Securities Borrowing Service

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