How do traders use Live Matrix by NagaWarrants

Rachael Lim & Kenny Tan shares their insight on how they use Live Matrix in their trading strategy.

Where to find Live Matrix by NagaWarrants!
1. Go to – NagaWarrants
2. Click on REGISTER
3. Use Warrant Scanner and Live Matrix immediately to improve your Warrant trading!

How is this Live Matrix different?
The Traffic Light Feature
1. When the Buy and Offer quote is tight, the current prices with be highlighted in Green When tight, the Buy and Offer Quote should only be 1 tick apart.
2. When there is a widened spread on the Buy and Offer quote, it will be highlighted in Orange
This means the Buy and Offer quote is more than 1 tick apart. For warrants with a widened spread, Trade At Your Own Risk!
It is preferable to trade warrants without a widened spread.

PS. Warrants below RM1, 1 tick is Half a cent. Warrants between RM1 to RM10, 1 tick means 1 cent.

Both tools are available for FREE on NagaWarrants

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